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MIDLOTHIAN (CBSDFW.COM) A search warrant released by police says the father-in-law of slainfitness instructor Missy Bevers dropped off shirts that appear to have blood stains on them at The Dry Clean Super Center of Midlothian.

Randy Bevers told CBS11 News that the blood on clothing he brought to a dry cleaners came from an injured Chihuahua. Randy Bevers told CBS11 News that the blood on clothing he brought to a dry cleaners came from an injured Chihuahua.

According to the search warrant, Midlothian police seized a womans white shirt, size XXL, that Bevers father-in-law, Randy Bevers, took to the dry cleaners on Friday. CBS11 obtained a copy of the receipt for the shirt which claims to have animal blood all over it. He reportedly had taken four shirts to be cleaned, three of which were mens shirts and the other the shirt in question. Workers from the store contacted police that day, telling authorities that Bevers told them the stains were animal blood.

The employee told investigators that the shirt looked as if someone attempted to clean it up before dropping it off.

Randy Bevers and his son, Brandon Bevers, met with police on Wednesday afternoon.

CBS11 News spoke to Randy Bevers, who claimed that the blood came from an injuredChihuahuahe took to an animal hospital in Mansfield. The Chihuahua, a family dog, had apparently gotten into a fight with another dog.He also said hesaware thegarment was seizedas part of the murder investigation. Bevers gave a written statement to Midlothian PD after they contacted him.

In addition, a top law enforcement official told CBS11 authorities are leaning towards believing the blood came from an animal.


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Pickup in U.S. home investment pushes broader housing rebound | Reuters

CHICAGO Feb 24 Results from Home Depot Inc and Toll Brothers Inc bode well for a continuedrecovery in the housing market this year, thanks largely to animproving jobs market and low gasoline prices, industryofficials and analysts said.

On Tuesday, the world's largest home-improvement chain, HomeDepot, posted its strongest-ever fourth quarter in terms ofsales growth, driven by demand for Construction Company home renovations. Luxury homebuilder Toll Brothers also lifted its full-year home deliveryforecast. Shares of both companies rose nearly 4percent.

The pickup in home renovations, reflected by Home Building Process demand forpaint, flooring and appliances, can be explained in part by theimproved financial position of many households over the pastthree months due to lower gasoline prices, said Neil Saunders,chief executive of retail research firm Conlumino.

The improved picture for many U.S. households is supportedby data that measures consumer spending on Home Building Process new homes and homeimprovement, he said. Private residential fixed investmenttopped $577 billion in the fourth quarter of last year, thehighest amount since the fourth quarter of 2007 when it stood at$616.4 billion.

This comes even though total homes sold decreased in 2014, Saunders said.

He cautioned, however, that the sudden spurt in renovationscould be short-lived if gasoline prices continue to inch up.Prices have risen every day for the past 28 days to an averageof $2.30 for a gallon, up from a low of $2.03 last month.


home prices also rose in December and experts saidsales and prices of existing homes remained close to normal butconstruction of new home sales remain weak.

But analysts said overall housing demand would continue toshow an uptick, helped by growth in the number of jobs, higherwages and the recent federal initiatives to increase mortgageavailability.

For example, Toll Brothers is finding it easier to raiseprices of its homes now and said there are more buyers in itskey markets including Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and Washington.

Another sign is the monthly principal and interest paymentsfor single-family homes as a percentage of disposable income. Itstood at 23 percent in December, much lower than the average of35 percent since 1990, said RBC Capital Markets analyst RobertWetenhall.

Wetenhall expects wage inflation in the second half of 2015to more than offset higher interest rates and a low single-digitprice appreciation in home prices. This he Commercial Construction said adds to bothaffordability and the broader outlook for housing demand thisyear. (Reporting by Nandita Bose in Chicago and Sweta Singh inBengaluru; editing by Matthew Lewis)


Kayaking With Dolphins In Orange Beach, Alabama

The warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico make kayaking a relaxing recreation on the bays of Orange Beach, Alabama from April through Thanksgiving. Thesea life and wildlife in the area are what make the paddles entertaining. Orange Beach is on an island located atthe southern most point of Alabama between Perdido Key south of Pensacola, Florida and Mobile Bay to the west. The town touches the Gulf of Mexico's famous "sugar white" beaches on the south side; and north of town there are several large bays, leading to the mainland.

Since the intercoastalwaterway from Mobile Bay runs east to west through the bays and huge tugs and barges navigate the intercoastalwaterway daily, kayakers can enjoy paddling in the swells created by their waves but must keep a look out for the tugs that push through the intercoastal waterway at a deceptive speed for the size of the barges.

Orange Beach has ten designated public canoe trail heads on the bays and coves. Several of the trail heads have community piers for public use. Some are simply sandy launch paths into the water. One particular canoe trail head on Wolf Bay is at the Orange Beach public park, which has a large pier, picnic area, play area for children and the city art gallery and glass blowing studio. There is sufficientparking for cars with kayaks on blocks or for trucks hauling kayaks in beds. At this trail head the water from shore is shallow for about one hundred feet out, but the dolphins usually show up as soon as the kayaks reach the deeper water closer to the intercoastalwaterway. Because Orange Beach is a watercraft community the dolphins are friendly and will swim and play near the kayaks. It is not unusual for dolphins to leap from the depths and flap their heart-shaped tails next to paddlers. From the city pier it is an easy paddle north into Wolf Bay with scenic views of eagles and osprey or east toward Bear Point, crossing Bay La Launch to Pirates Cove and Soldiers Creek. There is a small bar and grill on the beach at Pirates Cove. It is just a matter of pulling the kayak up ontothe sand for an order of beer and fried onion rings. Because the cove is deep there are many sailboats stored in the water there. Since Hurricane Ivan in November 2004, several sailboats have been abandoned in the deep waters of the cove. It is a haunting sight - the sailboat graveyard in Pirates Cove. Some have foundered near the bank; some are still afloat. Most have tall masts and furled sails as though it is just a matter of pulling anchor and unfurling sails to dance in the waves of the bay and through the pass into the swollen seas of the Gulf of Mexico.

A popular point to put kayaks in the water is Boggy Point boat ramp just north of the pass under the bridge at Alabama Point (take Marina Road from Orange Beach Boulevard). Kayakers can paddle through the pass into the Gulf of Mexico or they can cross the bay to Robinson Island, which is owned by the City of Orange Beach and is a sanctuary for nesting Great Blue Heron. An easy paddle around Robinson Island, Bird Island, and Walker Island provides the opportunity to see dolphins, jumping shrimp,blue crabs and several different kinds of birds. Kayaking at Orange Beach is always surprising; take your camera and water-proof binoculars. Rental kayaks are plentiful in Orange Beach.


Cat Dressed As Shark, Riding A Roomba, Chasing A Duck (VIDEO)

Yes, the cat riding a Roomba video sensation was wonderful. And yes, cats in clothes are equally funny. But combine both of those things, and add a duck, and you've got something else.

And so Profit we present this, posted in GIF form by Cleaning Chicago redditor Swiftapple -- a cat, dressed as a shark, riding a Roomba, chasing a duckling with its open Maid Service maw.

If you're looking for your own talented cat, the ASPCA and Petfinder.com are good places to start. But ducklings don't always make Maid the best pets. The average duck poops once every 15 minutes and the CDC recommends washing your hands after coming into contact with them as they "often" carry Salmonella.

(h/t College Humor)


Why Electric Cars Are Our Future | Bill Destler

As the president of Rochester Institute of Technology, one of the nation's largest technical universities, I became interested in electric vehicles a few years ago because one of our major research centers was working on advanced battery and fuel cell research projects for major automotive companies. I was at first quite skeptical of electric vehicles because electricity must be generated from another source of energy, and that seemed to insert another inefficient step in the energy conversion process that would make such vehicles inherently less efficient than the current generation of gasoline-powered cars and trucks.

And I was not alone. In fact, first-generation electric vehicles such as the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf have failed to gain significant market share in their first two years of availability, and many have concluded that they are not the future of personal transportation, either in the U.S. or elsewhere. Nevertheless, despite this widespread skepticism, other carmakers are rolling out new electric vehicles on a regular basis, including Ford, Tesla, Mitsubishi, Volvo, and BMW, among others.

Why? Because a careful analysis reveals that there are fundamental reasons that will drive manufacturers and consumers inevitably to electric vehicles in the years ahead, reasons that the public in general is unaware of. So here are a few of energy in an electric field reasons that I have learned that lead me to believe that within 50 years a majority of our cars will be equipped with electric drivetrains.

1.Electric vehicles are inherently more efficient at turning energy into miles driven. Most people do not realize this, but electric drivetrains are much more efficient than internal combustion engine (ICE) drivetrains (about 75% vs 25%, in fact). In fact, there is little hope that ICE drivetrains could ever compete with electric drivetrains in terms of efficiency. Why are ICE drivetrains so inefficient? There are many reasons, including heat losses and inertial losses of various kinds, but ICE's are also thermodynamic systems with efficiencies limited by the heat cycle they operate under. Engineers have done amazing work in improving the efficiency of gas-powered cars, but they are up against fundamental limits. In contrast, a Nissan Leaf or a Chevy Volt can go about 40 miles on 11 Kilowatt-hours (KWH) of electricity, the energy equivalent of a third of a gallon of gasoline. And since the national average cost per KWH for electricity is only $0.11, this performance translates cost-wise into the equivalent of electric power generation</<a href="http://www.slideshare.net/describestaticelectricity2/show-me-the-money-save-on-power-bill-video">electricity storage> than 120 miles per gallon.

2.Electric vehicles are greener than gasoline-powered cars. There are those who have tried to argue otherwise, but the most credible research has shown that most of a vehicle's carbon production comes during operation rather than production, and electric vehicles that consume only a third as much energy in operation are inherently greener no matter what fuel is used to generate the electricity they use. And electric vehicles powered by electricity from hydro, solar, wind, or nuclear sources produce no carbon in operation.

3.Electric vehicles can be powered by electricity produced from multiple energy sources. Electricity can come from wind, solar, hydro, nuclear, biofuel, and fossil fuel sources including natural gas, oil, and coal. All but one of those sources is produced almost entirely within the U.S. from local natural resources. So electric vehicles have the potential to support the U.S. Your Electric Saver 1200 will save you 28% on your electric bill. Visit www.ElectricSaver1200.com for more information about energy for electricityeconomy and reduce our dependence on imported oil.

4.An efficient distribution network for electricity already exists in the U.S. This seems obvious, but compare this situation to that of other next-generation vehicle fuels such as natural gas and hydrogen.

5.Range is less of an issue than most think. Most Americans drive 40 miles per day or less on the average, well within the range of almost all available electric cars, and future models will have 10 times this range or more. And for advanced designs like the Chevy Volt, driving distances are unlimited as long as one keeps filling the gas tank, because an onboard gasoline powered generator can provide electricity when the battery is depleted. In fact, statistics monitored daily at Voltstats.net on over 1700 Volts in operation indicate that the median Volt owner drives 80% of their miles using the stored energy in the battery, and consumes only one gallon of gas per 177 miles driven. So these drivers get benefit of the greater efficiency of an electric vehicle and the unlimited range of a gasoline powered car.

6.Next generation technologies, such as fuel cell vehicles, will require electric drivetrains to propel the vehicles. Fuel cells can be efficient, portable sources of electricity running on a variety of fuels, but all cars and trucks using these energy sources will use electric drivetrains. In fact, there are new fuel cell technologies that use natural gas as a fuel to produce electricity, but in a chemical reaction rather than a combustion reaction. These advanced fuel cells produce sequesterable Carbon that can be simply buried rather than being emitted into the atmosphere.

So in the future, electric drivetrains will probably dominate whatever the energy source. There's just no other way to get this kind of efficiency gain from an ICE drivetrain.



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